Friday, July 28, 2006

alice fridge kickin this heat..what a great excuse for chilling in the garden with a big glass of vino...listening to loads of fab music...Dean Martin to Frank Zappa via Eartha Kitt...too hot for anything else..took a walk on Gullane beach today, home of golf..well so they say after it moved from Leith to Muirfield. I prefer the Leith origins myself. I was in Fop Records on Cockburn Street the other day and then up to their branch on Rose Street, a cool 5 hours and I still wasnae bored!! What a selection...I could take a fortnight's holiday perusing the shelves and still come out saying book me in for another fortnight!!
this is the time for taking off yer alice band, rolling up yer breeks, grabbing a glass of single malt and turning up the sounds, open the windows, fill the paddling pool and stuff the fridge full of beer.
It makes me think of a hot Jersey night across the pond and the Boss kickin off , Here he is in fine hullabaloo with one of my fave no .


Blogger c said...

wow, that's beautiful. thanks for the mp3.

7:01 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

bruce is the boss no doubt....just the boss...

1:03 am  

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