Monday, July 31, 2006

potty dance crystals

Happy Birthday JK Rowling!! Hard to believe she is only 41.....well what I mean is not the way she looks but the fact that she has written all those books and been totally involved in the films AND had time to have kids and marry her very own Harry Potter look a like. If I can read a book I am chuffed!! The last one was a Minette Walters 'Fox Evil' all about well..evil..worth a deke if you like crime with good characterisation.
The Jazz n Blues Festival is in full swing with Rene Marie being the big hit so far. Most folks had never heard of her, but she seemingly had the audience eating out of her hands no problem. She will have sold out for tonight and well done for a great vibe in Leith at The Crystal Palace.
I have been out and about this week so less time for surfing and checking out what's in and out at the moment. Definitely out of order seems to have been Mel Gibson and his rantin and a ravin when picked up on a drink drive charge...who cares if he 'owns Malibu' get a life Mel.
Here is a cheeky little number then I am sure my hankering for a tear in my beer will resurface......Go Bill Go!!
Jumpin Bill Carlisle Rattlesnake Daddy mp3

from the Bear album 'Perfect for Parties' check it out.


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