Tuesday, July 18, 2006

shock block

The British Recording industry has asked that ISP's block customers who they say are illegally sharing files. Not to be outdone the Spanish government has banned peer to peer file sharing and have taxed blank discs. This is the start of a stranglehold on small net record companies who use P2P to distribute sounds under Creative Copyright at low cost, it penalises the Open Source movement and stops innovative ideas. Boo!! Before we all thought naah it couldn't happen well it looks like it has. So I hope that music blogs can continue as they do with short bursts of postings that introduce folks to new sounds and who will then go and buy the product. I know that thanks to bloggers I have got into and PURCHASED gospel, jazz, soul , funk and even an Iron Maiden album which is fantastic at full pelt whilst hoovering the living room carpet.Oh and whilst I am at it AllofMp3 the Russian music website are being sued in a UK Court for breaking copyright laws...this is some serious shit going down folks. So a warning to anyone out there to BE CAREFUL if you want to see your next birthday this side of the wire.
Now I have thoroughly depressed myself here is a track that i am listening to over and over and over again...enjoy!!
Mohammed EL-Bakkar Port Said mp3


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