Thursday, October 20, 2005

dishwasher stockpiling nano

DO NOT BUY A DISHWASHER FROM BAUMATIC!!!!! there, I have warned you. Yes, I know this is fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things with mountain sides collapsing, bird flu almost at the shoreline,look at this ad...I can see a lot of folks getting completely freeeeeked out and stockpiling bird flu masks and disposable gloves in the garage . I must say I am a bit freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeked out myself and may be this is worth a further look or three. Anyway, to get back to the dishwasher. the biggest load of curdled turd I have ever purchased. Loads of call outs and non existent 'customer care' to sort a wonky door, programmes cacking out , salt rusting the inside and rusty screws to boot. So lets hope the replacement lasts longer than the 3 months the first one did. Rant over, now onto crucial cuts in the decibel department.
I have been reading that there has only been one reported mugging of an iPod...naaah that cant be right..surely folks are just too embarrased to admit they were out and about with that white lead dangling over their jumpers saying 'mug me' scrolled on it, when their new nano got 'chored' as we say here in bonnie Scotland. I like my wee 512 Teviot from Aldi that i got for £32 smackeroonies and is totally indiscreet thank you very much.
This guy was my first BIG pin up after Paul McCartney. He blew me away completely and this is a great fantastic remix...listen Loud! I used to have my bedroom walls covered in his pictures cut carefully out of the Jackie magazine..such a taste barometer it was too.
T Rex Get it On mp3
I was also into a lot of American sounds too, and thinking of Graham Nash made me remeber this gal and how much the grooves got a bashing in the first shared flat i stayed in. Aah many nights reading Germaine Greer, Jean Paul Satre and thinking ' Hey, we have joined the Grown Ups' If only...
Joni Mitchell For Free mp3
check this site for loads of info.Here's a great quote "The '80s were particularly difficult for me, between illness and greed. Everybody close up on me betrayed me for money. Everybody. There was not an exception. From the government of California to my bank, everyone robbed me. My business manager. My personal manager. My housekeeper!" Guess it can get rough even at the top.


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