Tuesday, October 04, 2005

rioja tapas and countrry

In an internet cafe in Cazorla having just enjoyed a couple of cafe solos and now gearing up for some mega tapas and the obligitory Rioja. Took a lot of Countrry Toons with me and have been enjoying Gillian Welch, Toby Keith and Willie and Waylon. I took some Simone with me to get into the foreign ambience but got bored kinda quickly and that CD was zapped off pronto and good ol Dolly jumped onto the deck. I don't know if anyone else is playing countrry music over the rooftops here but hopefully my Missionary role here will mean a major upsurge in sales.
Holidays are great, I haven't missed my laptop and with this cafe I can excercise my digits and check out all the griff. Off to Granada for a coupla days next week for a final blow out.
Music in the cafe/bars is what you get the world over..at the moment in the background is a funky version of Stings 'I'll be watching you' where the lyrics have been changed to 'I'll be missing you' Takes the stalker edge off it I guess.
No tracks posted up as my music head is back in Bonnie Scotland. So imagine you can download these tracks.
Dolly Parton Jolene
Bruce Springsteen 10th Avenue Freeze Out
Bob Dylan Sara
Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music


Blogger guapo said...

wish I spent as much time on holiday as you do.

1:17 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

yes i do don`t I ???? Have you anything planned Mr Barf??? Living in Scotland we have just got access to a lot more cheap flights and are catching up for all the times that a trip abroad always meant going to Heathrow or Gatwick first....

12:06 pm  
Blogger guapo said...

god knows, i`d retire to Portugal or Spain if I had the chance. In fact i`m working on it. I`ll keep you posted if it ever works out. We can all party. I`ll keep you posted grrl!

1:58 am  

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