Saturday, October 22, 2005

courageous licks in montreal

Have you ever heard the like??? musical tits..yes they are just round the corner, or curve...have a read of this..definately makes you think the world is a strange place indeed.
I have been having a lazy day..well, not quite..on a cross trainer in the bedroom giving it big licks..with of course my trusty Tevion mp3 strapped onto me pumping out the grooves as I tried to pump those legs. Now I can surf and watch TV with impunity.
This band is one of my top favourites of all time, Courage of Lassie. I read about them in Uncut magazine and the review was so good I rushed out and bought the album. I listen to them every so often and they sound as fantastic as they did on the last. Hope you enjoy this slice of Canada.
Courage of Lassie In Montreal City mp3


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