Monday, November 20, 2006

posse tanya wing

I have moved across to the google account set up for blogging. I will be trying out all the new features over the next few days..sounds kind of exciting...talking of excitement, I have been enjoying watching 'Pride and Prejudice' the Jane Austen classic with Colin Firth as a brooding Mr Darcy. Check it out if you like this kind of thing. I have also got The West Wing to get into now that the weather has taken a plunge for the worst and the nights are indeed fair drawin in. Sometimes a film is not what I want to watch, I would rather have some trash telly or a series like 24 or the west wing.

The Be Good Tanyas played in the Usher Hall the other night. I didn't have a ticket but I hear it was a faab night. Edinburgh is getting a bit more of an Americana stopping off point and a lot of it is thanks to the lost highway posse who are organising a lot of gigs over and above the call of duty.


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