Friday, February 03, 2006

granite stamping fusion

I like discovering new sounds to fill up my ears. Here is a band from my old stamping ground Aberdeen, the granite city. I was there for many a year, and this bunch are definitely worth a listen. I sometimes think that the fusion of different genres can be rather clumpy....lots of mashups are so poor, you can hear the whizzzz of the laserbeam as it struggles to catch the hotch potch of notes. So, i was pleasantly surprised to hear Paddyrasta and admit that their sound does indeed work.It is a mix of reggae and Irish music....
They have a show on BBC Scotland broadcast on the net on the 7th Feb.They also seem to be gaining a following in the States particularly on College radio stations. Their album 'Listen to your Heart' has just been released catch this track and 'burn and share it around' as the band requests.

Paddyrasta Molly Malone mp3

Here is a band that also have been pushing out the envelope...they record round one microphone and the sound is indeed richer and more alive than anything Madonna could ever come up with. Enjoy!! Catch them at their website

Aberfeldy Tom Weir mp3


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