Sunday, February 19, 2006

disco homework

Let's go round the world....lots of fantastic stuff out there without a major label that is worth investigating. Germany for starters...
Matthias Reim verdammt ich lieb dich mp3 if you can understand German check him out might be going..'who him?' but here is his claim to fame Vergiss Es Forget It 2004 with Bonnie Tyler (Germany no 64, Ukraine Airplay Charts no10)
Here is another fab outfit. With Kraftwerk back zapping the boards how about some DAF? This was one I danced to in many a disco back way back when. This was the single and i advise you to play it whilst doing housework, keeps you in rhythm.
DAF Mussolini mp3

The smoking ban is almost here in Scotland and I cannae wait. I will go back to taking my fiddle out into the pubs for a session and come home without feeling I was wrapped in an ashtray all night. Here is a fab fiddler Liz Carroll .She was born in Chicago in 1956, to Irish immigrant parents from Limerick and Offaly counties. Her father, Kevin, a button accordion player, began teaching her to play Irish traditional music when she was five, and she seemed to be rather good, practising at home rather than carousing around..well that is just speculation, but I don't think I could ever match this virtuosity even if I had stayed at home.
Liz Carroll The Rock Reel mp3


Blogger c said...

oh, i do love listening to sessions at the pubs. i can't play a lick, thugh. smoking bans were so revolted against in nyc, but i don't smoke, and i love the ban....

3:01 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hi c glad u liked the sessions in pubs. I have played many in my day and loved every minute apart from the fuggggg. I hope that more folks will come out and enjoy a night in the pub once the ban comes into force in March. It is reckoned that 160,000 will give up in one year here in scotland as a result. Given that approx 400 kids start smoking everyday in the UK something drastic has to be done!!! keep music live and not wheezing!!

6:09 pm  

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