Saturday, April 30, 2005

the cat came back in gym pants

Inspired by the swisheroo of the trip down the tardis of memory lane how about keeping on the same road for a wee while?? I was remembering this morning before heading down for the weekly shop to Lidl that our primary school had a 'television room' and pride of place was indeed a mother of a television in all its black and white glory. I was in a gym team about to perform the 'Flying Angel' over a trampette and wooden horse into the arms of a sturdy gym teacher, as you do. We were corralled into the television room to try and calm stage fright nerves and the teachers thankfully had a brainstorm...why don't we switch on the TV to distract the little dears. It was a Thursday night Top of the Pops and straight into our school came at a zillion creds a second...San Fransisco by Scott McKenzie ..Jesus...I couldn't believe it...sitting watching the drug zoohaa of Haight Ashbury right there in my gym shorts..the next band kinda spoiled the purple haze it if I remember right, it was The Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann not quite as heavy or mindblowing.
The upshot of this is that I was a West Coast grrl after that, you could keep your Kinks and The Who and all that whimsical English twee. I know there were heavier acts out there, but at 11 I guess I believed myself to have landed in tiedye heaven.I then went on to check out Sonny and Cher, Barry McGuire , Mamas and Papas and play them to death on a jukebox in an Italian chip shop in our town. It must have been that sunshine and hippy lifestyle. So appealing in smallsville Scotland.I still gravitate towards the big harmony soundsof the west coast. I also love to blast a Boss track ,I know he's from the East coast, but hey poetic license!!!whilst whistling down the old A1 to Haddington.
Today I am in the garden enjoying a glass of rather fine rose from Sainsbury's who have a lot of bargains at the moment in the liquid department. Have the mini disc wired up playing a lot of streamed albums i have got from CMT. The quality is AOK and you wouldn't know you hadn't spent an HMV on each one. The only album I have purchased in the last year should arrive Mon. It is the Boss and 'Devils and Dust.' I don't mind him getting my shallots. I have a soft spot for him from way back when. It would be Aberdeen August 1975 and Born To Run was blasting out of the Garrard deck whilst my various flatmates debated over getting their hair cut and whether straight legged jeans would get them laughed at in the Union. He never came to Aberdeen Uni , but we did get The Clash and a favourite gig of mine....Divine at the Venue.I remember buying a cassette called Maid in England. Wild stuff..Aye those were the days when if you went for a pee you gobbed in your beer to make sure it was still there when you came back. Certain folks were known as 'minesweepers' as they basically half inched all the pints without an owner attached.
Here is today's musical experience.
First up is Matt McGuinn If it wasnae for the Unions mp3
a great wee ditty that ranks alongside anything Woody or Bob have written. Next up especially for Simon from Spoilt Victorian Child another kiddie favourite from Uncle Swimming Arm Bands himself.
Rolf Harris TheCat Came Back mp3.
Off now to defrost some squid for tea and change the mini disc...Tift Merrit is almost done...thank you CMT.
bonus ball for today
The Clash King of the Road mp3
Always knew they were countrry boys at heart. This is for Joe.


Blogger Tony Grant said...

Hey countrygirl I like your blog check out mine let me know what you think

4:41 pm  
Blogger guanoboy said...

My wife loves this song (cat came back)...she swears there's another version with a slightly different chorus...any ideas?

2:56 am  

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