Thursday, April 28, 2005

elvis, kenneth and slim

what music was I listening to as a kid?? well I have to admit to an eclectic first memories were of a pile of 45 rpms coming home from a village jumble sale that my family played the grooves through. In that box was the first Elvis track I ever heard , Wooden Heart. I remember his voice being like a jug of cocoa and being intrigued by the german lines. Next up was Roy Orbison and my mum's favourite 'Oh Pretty woman' it has the best intro ever, and then onto The Corries with Paddy Bell , an ep that had a sinister song 'the twa corbies' and a rousing drinking ditty 'Lock the door Lariston'. Andy Stewarts 'A Scottish Soldier ' which went to no 19 in the UK charts in 1967 , a Kenneth McKellar or two. Aye these were the days when a record collection did indeed come in a biscuit box and every single 's cover was reread a 100 times. Did you know that Kenneth McKellar was the British entry in 1966 for the Eurovision song contest? He came in 9th with 'A man without love' not one of his better efforts. I also remember , whilst I'm down memory lane a load of Hallmark albums , may have been the first time i heard Patsy Cline and fell in love with a good greeter. Slim Whitman and 'Cattle Call ' always amazed me as did the musicality of The Dubliners , another favourite in our household.
I did like the Beatles for a short while, but became a Stones grrl as soon as the hormones hit. Paul and John could not compete with the rangy danger of the glimmer twins.Adolescence saw Bowie and Bolan rool with a lot of west coast america thrown in. So in homage to those days, i will spare you 'a man without love' and give you instead a live recording .
David Bowie Rock and Roll Suicide mp3
and just in case things are getting too angsty here is a favourite of kids everywhere who have to do a turn at the guisin and can't really sing or act , but know this to be a winner every time..
Rolf Harris Tie Me Kangaroo Down mp3


Blogger Spoilt Victorian Child said...

God, haven't heard Rolf doing Kangaroo for years...
Love it, used to have a couple of his singles when i was a wee one...
Thanks for the memories.


10:51 am  

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