Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tony are you reading this?

Heeeeeya the gig was out of this world!!! Raul Malo in Edinburgh and I was 4 rows from the front. Normally when I go to gigs, cinemas or theatre I get some 8 foot guy with a cowboy hat who has bad body odour, chews gum and laughs after every line. This time I was in luck as I had an unobstructed view and a couple of big fans next to me who had come through from Glasgow for the gig. First up was the support. Normally I am a big fan of supports as you can find some gold dust before the prices go up for a solo gig and it's in a warehouse as opposed to a small venue like this. However, I was disappointed. The guy Graham Ryder is a fantastic guitarist, but sings like Stephen Gately from Boyzone. A very baby voice and some naff lyrics..check out 'let me be your cable car..' where is that wire cutter I was thinking... anyway other folk thought he was good enough for a clap or two, but nae me.
Raul Malo on the other hand was fantastic and it sounded like a whole band was there with him on stage.He just had a gut strung acoustic guitar, yet created a big band sound on even 'Dance the night away'. He told of being in Dublin the night before and staying in the same hotel as Tony Bennett. He has written a song that he did for the man, but was too shy to go up and tell him about Tony if you are reading this check out the jazzy number in the middle of the set that has your name written all over it.
What music for today???lets have a look at what I have.
Here is someone who I think has a great voice, not quite Raul Malo but in the same league. His band is Los Lobos and he is Cesar Rosas .Here he is with the band with a live track recorded in Austin Texas in October 2001. These guys have just celebrated their 30th anniversary I bet they have seen a lot of roadside toilets in that time.

Los Lobos Maria mp3

Next up is a boy nearer to home, well a man if I was being pedantic. This is mental box playing..if you ever felt like setting fire to an accordian at a session because it dominates and sounds twee here is a reason to hold off with the firelighters. Sandy Brechin can come over as a bit arrogant when you see him live, but when you hear this I guess he has good reason. If you are ever in Edinburgh I am told he still plays at a local pub on the High Street when he is in town. Well worth the trek.

Sandy Brechin Charlie Stuart's Jig/Dirt Detective/Dunara mp3

If you like books about music and the inside track check out
Nico The Life and Lies of an Icon by Richard Witts. It was published here in the UK by Virgin in 1993. It's worth scrabbling in dirty biscuit boxes in Charity shops to find a copy.Here is a book that gets behind the 'IBM computer with a Garbo accent' as Andy Warhol called her. Ok off now to look at my favourite site of the day BBC and it's array of interactive quizzes. Have a good one what ever you are drinking.


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