Wednesday, April 06, 2005

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg ferk and f***********d

aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh moment...guess it happens to us all. I gave away a lot of vinyl just the other day and despite thinking I had sorted out the boxes to keep from the ones to go to a good home, I realised there had been a mix up. How did I discover this?? whilst meandering around on ebay I saw The Allman Bros live at Filmore East the purple labelled one just like my copy being auctioned for some vast sum of cash. I thought , oh that's good, I'm so glad i have kept it for the 3o odd years or whatever, travelling with me to all my shared flat situations up and down the country. I thought I would just have a check, and yes i dont need to write the ending, you've guessed. It has gone out into some charity shop to be sold for a couple of quid. ..I have been a bit low today as you can imagine, however, life is too short to get ferked up about things like this. So if anyone has this album mouldering in an attic, get it out and put it in a bank vault.
here's a couple of tracks that have been acting as Doctor, Nurse and Rehab Orderly
Barefoot Manner Nervous Breakdown mp3

The Barefoot Manner philosophy is simple. Through the power of music, we can all live in the present moment and collectively experience the beauty of being alive. The band performs barefoot to remind themselves of this philosophy. The music is heavily rooted in high-energy newgrass with a mix of rock, funk, & positive reggae vibes
I can't bear to hear any Allmans tonight, but how about a little swing.
Brian Setzer Orchestra As Long as I'm Singin' mp3 check him out at his website. I used to be into the Stray Cats and he has done amazingly well with this jazzy swing stuff.
Looking forward to seeing Raul Malo next week here in Edinburgh, he will be doing a solo gig and can't wait for his Spanish numbers.
An Election has been called here and it will be all the usual locking of horns and posturing. Don't know if Blair can pull it off...but Michael Howard would be a hell of a lot worse...bring back Screaming Lord Sutch. His Monster Raving Loony Party wanted to give large pets the vote, get rid of January and February so that winters would be shorter and asked why was there only one monopolies commission. He also attracted a lot more music cred than Tony Blair. He pulled in such big names as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Noel Redding to play along with him. I don't think the other Noel could be arsed to jam with our Leader. So off to catch some Carpenter jeans on ebay...the only ones worth staying up for a manual bid....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Brian Setzer link doesn't work.... I enjoy your 'blog!

8:05 pm  
Blogger Flash said...

Allman Brothers rule. My all time favorite band. I'm going to see them for the umpteenth time next Friday.

9:02 pm  

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