Saturday, April 09, 2005

allmans, poodles and pigs

I am able to just about hear the words 'Allman Brothers' after the debacle of the other day. I have also hopefully fixed the dodgy link to Brian Setzer. I listenened again to the track this morning and what a breezy little smiler of a tune it is too. It kicked me into action to go and get the shopping from Lidl, where fruit and veg is half price again this week. Yippee!!! Where else can you get a melon for 59p and the best Brie this side of a French poodle.
I managed to win the Carpenter jeans on things are indeed looking up.Recommend this natty style for any countrygrrl out there who needs a big pocket to keep her fencing wire and iPod pristine.
I was trying to remember best/worst music moments on British TV, it has to be Pan's People on Top of the Pops dressed as bank robbers dancing to The Clash's Bank Robber...unbelievable.Of course the BBC's idea of archiving these golden nuggets is pretty moronic. Most of the tapes got reused, and on top of Dee Dee and Babs now is probably some weather reporter from 1999.
I have been scouring the net for music and found a site that recommended that you type the following into Google and you should be rewarded with a motherload of mp3's.
"parent directory"mp3 OR wma OR ogg "name of whoever you want to check out"-htm -html
I think it works...I came across a few Oasis demos this way.
As for the daily dose of deck delights how about a bit of rustic twang.
Roy Rogers rode the range from 1951-1957 returning for a reprise in 62/63. His trusty steed of course was Trigger and his sidekick Pat drove a jeep called Nellybelle.His best girl was his wife Dale Evans, Queen of the West. Her steed was Buttermilk and and even Trigger had a buddy, Bullet the dog. Here's one for Roy and Trigger
Marty Robbins Ride, Cowboy, Ride mp3
Here is a tip if you have garlic on your hands after preparing a meal for your loved one. Take a metal spoon and rub it between your hands whilst washing them under a running tap and the smell mysteriously disappears. To where I have not a scoobie, but it does mean that any hanky panky post aubergine bake should be trouble free.
Having to wash a red oven glove as it got covered in oil tonight . Remember when washing such an item that it is reminiscent of slaughtering a pig..Don't put that favourite Andy Williams t shirt in at the same time.Thats your 2 countrygrrl homemaking tips for today.
Here's a little music interlude to take you away from the scrubbing board and garlic press. A wee bit of Scotland as my gesture to Tartan Week which means sprouting sporrans all over the US ..
Robert Wilson The Gathering of the Clans mp3
This is a fab piece of scottish biscuit box skirly dirly to dance the pleats right oot o' yer kilt.The best o' tartan to ye a'.


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