Monday, April 18, 2005

i touched patti smith's boot!!!

Raul Malo tonight at the Queens Hall...yeeha..looking forward to this no end.It is unreserved seating...a bit of a bummer given it is pissing down and will mean queuing for ages outside the venue. Then of course a mad rush for the best seat. There aren't too many of them in this venue. It used to be a church I think..well it reminds me of one..hard pews with no cushions. Anyway tonight Iwill pack a cushion that I use in the garden to stop my bahoochie from going numb.
No moshing for me these days, last time I rushed a stage would have been for Patti Smith at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow a few years ago. She still had the charisma and power in her performance she had 30 years ago. I saw her back in the 1970's in Edinburgh and I touched her boot!!! A real groupie was I . I did however, wash my hands between then and now.I was watching Ivan Krall's Dancing Barefoot yesterday and it still stands as one of the best films about those times. I wish Patti Smith would bring something out on DVD. If anyone knows of anything , let me know.
Now to todays tracks. It has to be Ray Charles LaMontagne. A star if there ever was. He is testament to the power of word of mouth and the net. I certainly have not heard him on mainstream radio.Further evidence that the airplay driven methods of a pressured record industry is well out of date.
A big influence on him was Stephen Stills here's a favourite of mine that I found floating around on the net.

Stephen Stills My Love is a Gentle Thing MP3

I remember buying his early albums and playing them out. Ray believes that once you learn a few chords you can write a song. Maybe not a very good song but a song nonetheless. Punk credentials there I'd say.
Ray Charles LaMontagne Water from the Well demo MP3.
and here is another bonus track just to whet your appetite for rushing out and getting hold of the album Trouble
Ray Charles LaMontagne Shelter demo MP3
Have taken a spontaneous holiday today, got up and looked out the window , it was raining so why not?
Off to B&Q to get a replacement for the patio heater in some vain attempt to bring out the sun. Then to collect a duvet that has been dry cleaned. Then, a bit of chill out relaxing before the big show tonight.
Bonus track
Amy Ray and the Butchies Refugee mp3
yes that Amy Ray from the Indigo Girls making sure throat surgery is a definite very soon, but hell it's a great cut.


Blogger Gunnar said...

Yeah, Patti is still going strong. I saw her in spain some years ago, and it was great.
Nice blog you have here!
Thanks :)

2:36 pm  
Blogger Swampdonkey said...

Hi Country Girl

I am wondering about a comment in your blog regarding Ray Lamontagne... You said "I remember buying his early albums and playing them out." I've been digging very hard to find a copy of "One Lonesome Saddle" and any other older recordings. Do you have anything you would be willing to share? Also, I'm writing a book about Ray - - Do you know him? Do you live in Maine?

Thank you! I hope you get this message. I couldn't find an email address on your blog.

Thanks again
- Mike

3:43 pm  

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