Thursday, April 14, 2005

no skirly shite through this door

aah what to write about..not Michael Howard and immigration. Can you believe that this old Enoch Powell chestnut is a main platform for the Tories. Things are hotting up here and lots of argie bargie on radio 4 in the morning. I drive to work and get mesmerised by the debate and the talking's hard to get out the car and cross the road and be a wage slave.
What music tonight I wonder , here are a couple of goodies courtesy of my hard whilst you can for evaluation purposes only, buy the albums and keep the record industry happy...they are really going for big prosecutions here in the UK .here is one for us , the little people from one of the best bands ever to grace the planet. I was playing this LOUDLY in the kitchen whilst boiling the pasta.

the doors riders on the storm mp3
I read the book by Danny Sugarman and it is a HIT absolutely essential reading along with Stoned and 2Stoned by Andrew Loog Oldham. Your life will be enriched beyond man/womans wildest dreams if you get your nose stuck into them.
I am off to have a coffee from the new machine so will be back soon with more enlightening thoughts.aaaaaGH THAT WAS FANTASTIC..a pastry from the local Scotmid that could have come from a bakers oven in deepest Dieppe, along with the dandiest coffee south of the Forth Road Bridge.Had a bit of a guilt moment about spending the roof repair money on a gaggia titanium..but hey ..this is the generation that spends spends spends and ferk the pension, so I guessed join part of the poor pensioners who will have to buy their false teeth on eBay.
Here is the second number to ponder over, play and then buy if it moves your skin folicles in musical patterns.
Sandy Brechin is a fine box player as we call it here, someone who can coax a tune or two out of an accordian.
Most of us dont really like all this skirly shite that goes under the moniker "Scottish Music" especially the stuff by Jimmy Shand and the Tartan Teuchters..but this is different. The guy has panache and waggles his box in semaphore...make that an e if you think the spelling wrong. I get pissed off by the smarty pants that like to tell you that a word is not splet rihgt I KNOW!!!! but do I care!!!!! no, not enough and I do not get a red face and stand in the naughty corner either....listen to this guy and be amazed. I saw him at the Edinburgh Festival with the Wrigley Sisters from Orkney and it was one of those moments when you don't mind not being born a millionaire 1oo years ago, because you would have missed this.

Sandy Brechin Tattie Howker / Fumblin Fingers mp3 from his stupendous album 'out of his box..'from 1996 this is a clever title as out of your box also means being stramashed out of your skull on the vino and other alcaholic beveridges as well as playing out of the box ..I'm sure you get the picture without me going into primary teacher mode
off to catch some shut eye and recommend a nice Dows Late Vintage Port to help crash out immediately to neutralise thoughts of roof repair money.


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