Saturday, April 02, 2005

bunnet hung up in heaven

Well the Papa has hung up his bunnet...I'm not a Catholic but it is indeed an end of an era..didn't agree with any of his policies etc and all the stuff around not supporting AIDS campaigns in Africa...anyway I guess he was important to a lot of folk .Here is a song and the best of tartan to him up there in the pulpit in the sky.... don't know who will be the next one, but here's hoping for a little peace, love and understanding.
neil young and pearl jam i shall be released maybe he has special privileges to get to the front of the disco queue but this might help him elbow thru the riff raff.
Wrote a full and enhanced blog that took a LONG TIME..unfortunately I did not save as I went and now have to pay the blog of any note. Here is take two. Thanks to Enchilada for tips on how to add links, I had a snafu earlier re adding stuff then the big disappearance act with the publish post . Trying to stay calm and up is a track that reflects my mood.
Dee Dee Ramone Too Much To Drink
now off to catch up on ebay and check my goods..amazing what you can find to sell, it is sooooooooo know you are heading for ebay rehab when you are checking out how much dirty laundry will sell for. I had a look in my biscuit box but no shortbread shaped like the Popemobile or oatcakes like a Damien no rich quick scams for me.


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