Wednesday, March 30, 2005

mashup, sqeeeeeeeeze and tossarroooo

Had a relaxing day wandering in a shopping mall down at Ocean Terminal in Leith here in Edinburgh. Any shopping mall that has Debenhams as it's flagshop is ok with me. Love the Rocca range by the a fuzzy bedrug. Then a wander up to Baxters, of the soup fame and got a couple of cappuccino cups and then on to Whittards for a metal container to heat up the froth...yes..the machine has been assembled and working so well I have to set an alarm clock to tell me when its time to go to bed.
Been surfing around various blogs and congratulations to Pimps of Gore for the check on mash ups. I discovered a few crackers myself and in honour will move away from the hard wood floor and the sound of cowgrrl boots twosteppin and grapevine twistin to Rednex. Here's one of my favourites go home productions wrapped detective
it has bits of elvis costello and i wont tell you the rest, see if you can guess!
i am trying to find out how to add fave blogs but for now i will just list them here.
enchilada's blog
big rock candy mountain
just three for is another fab track
Mojo Nixon Debbie Nixon is pregnant with my Two Headed Love Child
It's live and a bit of fun...from the Casbah in 2003. It comes up as Punk in the file name, but I would put it under Universal.
Listening to some countrry music in the background...Willie and Georgia on my mind.. Allison Moorer It's easier to forget and last but not least..Toby Keith If you kiss me like that fantastic. Saw Willie N here in Edinburgh a few years ago, forget your Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party, this guy knew how to P.A.R.T.Y. See him if you get a chance, no wasted cash or wishing you were at home watching Ali McBeale or as Peter Sellers said when he got invited to the Palace...he 'was watching TV that night and couldn't come'.or something like that.
Talking of TV does anybody remember Pete Duel and The Virginian? It was the most popular show of the day and now of course you can buy scripts on line so you can join in the dialogue if not the shoot outs..


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Back at ya, Grrl! Thanks for the comment and for the link on that post. I'm flattered. If you visit the help areas at Blogspot you can learn more about linking. It involves editing the template of your blog. If you want to give me your actual e-mail address, I'll be happy to tell you what I know. Send it to

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