Saturday, March 26, 2005

"keep it country, son"

Seemingly Ernest Tubb was really concerned about country music getting watered down, and used to hand out this piece of advice, "keep it country, son". I have to absolutely agree one hundred and one percent. Thankfully, the twang is still there along with the harmonies, humour ,tears and snotters in a lot of the new music, The Arlenes are a good example. They are playing in Edinburgh at the Bongo Club and I will be there. Their music is a mix of haybales and cocktails...originally from England but now relocated to California.
Just found out about a bit of fun called flashmobbing. Seemingly, you get together with a bunch of people who have signed up to get a set of instructions. They then meet in public to carry them out. Edinburgh had one recently and involved dancing about to your iPod on the railway station forecourt in the middle of the rush hour. Anyone for linedancing in Marks and Spencers or Mexican Waves in the cinema?
Here is a couple of tunes to enjoy over the Easter break.
Johnson Mountain Boys Tomorrow I'll be Gone from their fab album Working Close.
John Hartford Hell Up Coal Holler from the fast and furious The Speed of the Long Bow.
As a fiddler myself I really appreciate the 'hornet in a jam jar' feel on both these tracks. I met a friend who is also a fiddler and she was saying that her favourite player on the planet has to be Alsdair Fraser. I reckon I am with her there. He was born within gobbing distance of me and has one of the most vibrant styles you'll find. I am however actually listening to Joey Ramone's 'I got knocked down'...great stuff from a great guy.


Blogger Greg said...

Hey Grrl! Great tunes as usual. I love John Hartford & am still griving his passing. i have quite a few vinyl lps of his; I treasure esp. the classics "Aereoplane" & "Morning Bugle." I also happen to own a CD of "Long Bow." Thanks as always. Drop by soon.... --Greg (Enchilada)

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