Wednesday, December 07, 2005

techno kilts

I know this is the time of 'good cheer' but it is also time to remember 'friends departed' and as I got an email through today from 'The Martyn Bennett Trust' I thought it high time for a bit of magical mental techno teuchterness.
Martyn died too young and left a short but brilliant legacy. I never saw him play live, I know he frequented the bars of Edinburgh but I must have been in the one next door.Even if you're not a big folk fan give this track a may be runnng out to buy a kilt and sequencer...

Martyn Bennett Liberation mp3


Blogger The H Man said...

nice one. Had the good fortune to see Martin play as support to Peter Gabriel in Brighton, UK a couple of years ago. An original artist in every sense of the word and much missed.


8:49 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

indeed...there is so much crap around these days masquerading as 'original talent' I can think of Norah Jones, Katie Melua and a few others that for me just don't cut it.This album and his legacy will endure.

7:11 pm  

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