Thursday, December 08, 2005

bar warsaw

Christmas is just around the proverbial corner..lots of getting out of the box and atrophied limbs to look forward too. So in eager anticipation here is a track that should keep those extremities a twitchin and a groovin throughout the whole time frame.
Having been in Warsaw recently I was aware how much here in the UK our chart music is made up pretty much of american and parochial albums. A walk round HMV will tell you the sad story, as will a look at any music channels on freeview or the like. So here is a fantastic outfit from Warsaw that will get your fat stores flying into oblivion..come on move those legs...
Recorded in 1999 it still sounds like it is freeze wrapped and straight from the fridge...clean lines and loads of flavour...

Bar Khokhba Sextet track 3 live title unknown mp3

The 25 original compositions on Bar Kokhba are dedicated to Jewish composer Boruch Karliner, who, in John Zorn's words, "established a fertile precedent opening the door to new possibilities in Jewish music." Bar Kokhba brings together six core members of the Masada family in a dynamic ensemble of strings and percussion. If you like your music to leave you drenched in a visceral viagra..these are your guys...


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

like it, like it alot. nice music

6:47 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey fire of love..glad you enjoyed the band. I always think that blogs should be an adventure with some old friends but also plenty new faces to. I came across this outfit before I visited Warsaw, but their sound certainly enhances my memories of my visit.

5:31 pm  
Blogger Noel Grassy said...

Your link is the sole webnet (including Wiki) reference to Boruch Karliner. Could his appellation be an anagram for an actual composer?
More likely, Zorn's done a much more thorough examination of Klezmer's riffing roots and we can grok if we want to.
Zorn's Masada compositions sound so familiar no matter what the orchestration comprises. The album with "rock band" musicians takes Masada to an off-planet-surf-band feel. Bar Kokhba holds the melodies up as more majestic "heads" to riff on. IMHO of course.
Now I've got to hear what Dan Hicks could possibly associate with Gibby.
I saw Dan & the original Lickettes in our city park this Summer and he was still exuding buckets of hipness through an obviously greenbud occluded instrument. It was tasty (the performance) as you can well imagine.

9:28 pm  

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