Tuesday, June 14, 2005

shortbread in the accordian

well i just checked out that Michael Jackson has been found innocent on all counts...I don't know what I feel about that yet... however I do know what i feel about the following tracks ..so get a load of this for your music players ...
listening tunes today
Gillian Welch Tennessee Stud MP3
I got Johnny's Behind Prisoner Bars for my birthday last week and although there is not enough of the Man in Black on it , I enjoyed his and Roy Clarks performance.
A band that has long been a favourite
Courage of Lassie This side of Heaven MP3
a band that have a fab accordian that transcends the usual indie folkie twaddle. This band would be allowed to crash at my flat no sweat
and lastly on this very short blog where music is king queen and the wee servant lassie that brings in the shortbread is
Johnny Cash and June Carter Jackson MP3
a desert island disc for sure..I like the way June tells it like it is..I have been way too busy to visit here this week, but hope these three little ditties will keep you happy till next blogtime


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

Thanks for conviencing me to get Honkytonk University. Its great.

6:35 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

fan ferkin tastic fire of love...I was a bit unsure of the CMT country club but i have found myself listening to Toby Keiths greatest hits more than i can count. He has a great big bear of a voice and can blow all the angst boy bands off the bandstand..eat your countrry chapps Ronan Keating...

9:53 pm  

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