Saturday, June 04, 2005

travellin on the floor with lupin tattoos

First record I ever bought from my own paper round wages?? Actually it was pretty cool..
Creedence Clearwater Revival and the fantabulous Travellin Band.
I played that 45rpm to death at full volume, encouraged by my mum who loved them too. We both would have been issued with an ASBO (anti social behaviour order) and found ourselves on the wrong side of the jail bars. I was listening to John Fogerty tonight in the kitchen and it fairly skelped along.He has a voice that always zapps the hairs on my neck and this track is no exception.In 1972, he began a solo project in which he recorded all the instruments and vocals under the pseudonym "Blue Ridge Rangers", with the material comprised of country and gospel. It provided two hit singles in 1973: remakes of Hank Williams' country "Jambalaya" and Otis Williams and the Charms' doowop hit, "Hearts of Stone". Released on Fantasy this is one of my favourites.
John Fogerty and the Blue Ridge Rangers Working on a Building mp3

Went to Floors Castle today. This is well worth a visit. lots of fabby flowers and green things as well as a mean cafe. Have just kind of got into this gardening thing , this is one thing that us Brits love..tramping round garden centres and big houses with plant nurseries with wisteria, apple trees and lupins.
Second up is a band that needs more exposure and if you like bluegrass these are your guys.
This is Corn Shellin' music"-Art Stamper
County Farm Coal Tattoo MP3
I heard this originally on a coal mining album and it's good to hear another rendition of it.
Watching Law and Order out of the corner of my eye on Channel 5. It looks nae bad, but it aint no match for the maestro Ricky Skaggs. He can still recall when he first heard Bill Monroe "The excitement that Bill could create onstage--there isn't anything better. I've got tapes from '45 and '46, when he had Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatts in his band. I'm telling you, when Earl and Bill came walking onstage, it was like the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. The crowd was screaming. When they'd take a solo on 'Mighty Dark To Travel' or 'Molly And Tenbrooks,' the reaction was unreal. No other Opry stars got that kind of reaction."
Ricky Skaggs Sally Goodin MP3
Lastly for this short post as I do indeed now have two eyes on this tv prog and it is drawing me in big
Willie with one of the young upstarts...not really so young , but I guess against Willie who is pure Mt. Rushmore he is a wee laddie still in short chapps.
Toby Keith and Willie Nelson Beer for my Horses MP3
Yeah, I know everyone will have it, but it's worth another airing out on the webwaves.


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