Sunday, June 05, 2005

jerk the diamonds through your anorak

listening to good ol boy Toby Keith...the album is well fantastic..why does the devil always have the best tunes??? Politically we should be on different sides of the cowboy hat rack..but hey he can hold a tune and that duet with his daughter when they go head to head with Mocking Bird gets me every time. Another guy that tugs the heart strings and is probably way over on the other side of the voting booth is Travis Tritt I even have the dvd and watch it after a few glasses of vino for the full on tear jerker effect.
Travis Tritt is known for his long-time association with the armed forces. He also served for three years, from 1993 to 1996 as spokesman for the Disabled American Veterans.So he kinda redeems himself for me.
Travis Tritt Anymore MP3
If you like strumming a geetar late at night and know 5 chords but only ever feel the need to use three, check out this link with all Travis' songs and these all important show you know chords.
I was checking out a few folks blog ettiquette. seemingly the suggestion is to put the mp3's up at the top of the post, so you can minesweep more efficiently..well i am sorry are going to have to wend your way through the narrative to mine my diamonds...this is not an online record store...this is supposed to be an intro to music old new punk and blue that i think is worth a few minutes of your sorry no go. you will have to continue to weave your way through my meanderings to get to the honeypot.Here is one for your patience nothing obscure or lost in the attic kinda thing. I post stuff that i love and that is the bottom line. The music tells the story and ferk the to look round the garden at night with a wee port and dolly on the deck. The pansies look fan ferkin tastic at night with the deck lights on. So, have a listen to travis and here is take two for you folks out there in sweeperville, might ferk up your stats.... how about the fabulous Cher and a song about Jesse James.Keeping the countrry theme intact y'all. Yeh you know the one now sing along...
Cher Just like Jesse James live MP3 rock out cowgirl......
i used to spend all my spare change on a juke box that was in a cafe on the same street that Thomas Hamilton had a hardware/joiner shop on. This was the Dunblane shooter, of course if he had wandered across the road for an ice cream and a bit of Scott Mackenzie and the fab Sony and Cher life might of taken a different turn.As it was he did his number and killed himself. I bet the guy that wrote the ticket for his gun wishes he had taken a few more minutes to check out whether this crazy should have had a gun license. .He entered Gwen Mayor's classrom at Dunblane High School and killed her and sixteen kids, . Hamilton then killed himself. Wow !!!!!!!how tough and what a big statement to the world. I hate you all and you're all going to be punished for my sad but inconsequential life...don't get me started folks...... anyway...lets have a bit of a light relief just kidding!
Nico One of These Days MP3


Blogger Dylan Gaughan said...

I was talking with my brother and he said that Toby Keith is actually a liberal. I guess he says he just supports our government no matter what.

I found it hard to believe, but I guess that's just the way the devil works sometimes.

9:11 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

i am actually quite relieved that our Toby is not too much of a bad guy. I will enjoy his stuff a lot more now...and indeed the devil does work in most mysterious ways sometimes...

12:41 am  

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