Monday, March 14, 2005

too lazy to walk

It seems our local MSP's can't be bothered to walk the short distance between buildings at the new Parliament..yet they were dead keen for all us lot to walk for the good of our health...hypocrisy in motion...this is one sorry tale this citadel of cutting edge architecture...seemingly it is so dark inside that lights have to be on during the day meaning that heating and lighting bills for 6 months for only 129 MSP's plus all the gofers and bureaucrats is costing a whopping £165,953. When you add the fantastic beyond all reason cost in the first place, a monster £431m, Robbie Williams £80m contract seems like an air bubble on the ocean.Now I have that off my chest here is a couple of tracks to cheer you and me up.First up is local band
The Felsons Shine like the road after the rain I used to see them play in a local pub way back in 1996. Since then of course they have gone onto greater things playing and supporting The Mavericks amongst others.
The Flatlanders I think I'm gonna go downtown completes the playlist. Love the voice of Jimmie Dale Gilmour and the way it winds around the tune like tumbleweed blowing across the desert.
As always enjoy and then buy the albums...and if you want any of these MP3s removed get in touch with me before you sue. Off now to have a cup of tea and have a read of the new Uncut.


Blogger Greg said...

Hey Countrygrrl! Does my ole' Texas heart good to see y'all postin' the Flatlanders and praisin' ol' Jimmie Dale.

7:55 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hi from bonnie scotland!!!! thanks for linking me...once I get sussed on how to link back your site will be there. I enjoy visiting and although i am as far away from brush and tumbleweed as can be imagined, I prefer the sound of the open road in music as opposed to the teenage boy Coldplay.Have a fabbydabbydozzy day.

1:32 pm  

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