Friday, March 11, 2005

what music in heaven???

Last night I spent a good half hour writing and posting tracks only to have the whole thing I was not best pleased...and decided to go check out some other stuff tonight I will save as I go!!
Seemingly if you are a Brit and you pop your clogs you are likely to want Robbies 'Angels or Franks I Did it My Way to send you to the record deck in the sky...if youre German it will be Highway to Hell and all that heavy metal angst...if you are Swedish it ain't Abba but Elvis and Viva Las Vegas. Weird or what????Seemingly the Spanish like opera and the French like...well something French...I don't know about the other side of the pond..any ideas????I don't know what I would choose but it may be this
Uncle Tupelo No Depression
Here is another great track..not for heaven but just for putting on the portable player. Saw this guy support Allison Moorer at the Queens Hall Edinburgh. He did a solo set and frankly it didn't work..I was ready to write him off, but then won his CD on the Brand New Opry on BBC Scotland and listened again. This track is pretty damn good and hope you will check him out...he is best with a band . Off to cook some food and chill have a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab weekend and buy these guy's albums.

Darden Smith Train to London


Blogger Dylan Gaughan said...

Thank you for just being another person who recognizes the brilliance of Uncle Tupelo. One of my all time favorite bands.


8:45 am  
Blogger craig said...

darden smith is actually quite great but he's gone through some patchy spotswith his career and music. however he has often performed with and recorded with boo hewerdine from The Bible

darden'searliest stuff is the best although thAt dualtone record is a nice comback

7:42 pm  

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