Tuesday, March 08, 2005

love in a tanning bed

Here is someone I really rate...Jim Lauderdale along with the Clinch Mountain Boys..the real yeeehaw sound that I love..can't stop your feet tapping along..here is info about him at CMT I see that you can stream the whole album of him and others doing a tribute to Johnny Paycheck.
I Should Have Listened to Good Advice MP3

I'm off tomorrow to Dundee, traditionally the city of jam, jute and journalism. These days you can add tourism. Check out Scott's polar exploration ship The Discovery that went to the Antartic..just parked at the side of the harbour and then search out a cheesy pasty washed down with Irn-Bru the national drink.
Here's a track you will love or hate Donna Kay Honey and the Cowpokers Love in a Tanning Bed. I came across this loved it instantly...trailer trasharama country at its lowdown best. Check out the site for more info


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