Sunday, March 06, 2005

dance the pleats right oot o' yer kilt

Been out taking photos of Leith Links the home of the game of golf. Seemingly it all started here, however, you would have to watch your ball didn't get covered in dogs is getting better with folk bagging the evidence and others shopping them to the special wardens - the poo police - who will arrest you if you don't clean up after your little pooch has pooed on the grass....
Here is a bit of a deviation..instead of a country track from the other side of the pond here is one from my side. In fact, this is a fab band that I first heard at a folk festival years ago and thought the name was ...well ...silly...but the playing is unbelievable...I always wished I could dirl as good as the Cunningham Brothers. Johnny on fiddle and Phil on the box ,keyboards and here is a ceilidh track that should have you dancing the pleats right oot o' yer kilt...give it laldy... enjoy and buy the album
Silly Wizard-Pipe Major Donald Campbell/The Orphan/The Kestral/Come Up Alang (Jigs) MP3 this to me is a fantastic number and makes me wish my parents had sent me to Jimmy Shand Jnr for lessons on the accordion.This track makes it sound like a drum rather than Liberace on a waltz up the Rhine.


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