Friday, March 04, 2005

End of the world as we know it?

Just heard on the radio on the way home from work that some folk have been taken to court for sharing music over the net and been fined a heap of dosh. Check out the for details on the BBC website

Of course the BPI say that the money will go to compensate artists...but who are we talking about???Robbie Williams who got an £80 million contract???
If music was cheaper to purchase in the first place I reckon this whole 'problem' of sharing music wouldn't be so massive. We have been ripped off as fans enough in the past...what do you think??? I have actually bought more music and become more eclectic in my taste since listening to stuff that is put up by artists on their websites. Check out .trailer-records. who have lots of bits and pieces from a bank of fab artists.
Tonight I will be listening to Bryan Burnett on RadioScotland and his programme the brand new I have said previously you can check this out online.
Have been down at North Berwick today and the snow was still on the hills across the Firth of Forth...wish I had taken a camera...however here is compensation indeed with a track from a great artist that I have recently discovered and reckon should be much better known.Mack Starks -Dead Man's House
have a fabbydabbydozzzzy weekend and as always buy the albums if you like the artists...


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