Wednesday, March 02, 2005

get a shovel full of Hazel and Alice

have some folk round for a glass or two so will be a speedy posting yet again...and here's me thinking I was a bit of a sofa surfer..but social life is pretty busy.
Today's MP3 comes from Hazel and Alice-Coal Mining Woman. I first heard this again on vinyl when country music wasn't hip...this was the 70's remember when the Nashville string sound rang the cash registers of the genre. Even poor Dolly, a Bluegrass grrl at heart had to swing along to the violins and glooped up pedal steel. Anyway here is the raw sound of pure political country...when I played in a ceilidh band I used to sing this song and got a lot of reaction from folk wanting to know who did the original and where could they get it. I love the whole album Hazel and Alice and reckon it is a desert island disc.


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