Wednesday, February 23, 2005

cooking on the tv

just came back from an event at the Scottish Parliament. well it was bonnie but was it worth all that dosh. Someone pointed out the ventilation system, its the map of scotland in reverse and all the holes are a lion or something. To be quite honest it was a bit lost on me, given we hot desk at work on occasion and if the toilets need cleaned well there is only us. I think the folk who work there probably think its wonderful but most of us dont really have that luxury. I have just come in the door and just switched on the telly. Jamie Oliver is on doing a programme on school dinners and how he can change the shit that kids eat . It seems worth watching and I think that is what I will be doing with Wed for a few weeks .I guess it will be syndicated as he is really popular in lots of places. I really like him and think he has done a power of good for getting young folk into cooking and making it a bit cool.


Blogger Fat Boab said...

wahey. 'Mon the parly. I kind of like the building. In fact I used it as the cover for my EP MiShaPs, available at the Daily Reckless:

Love the blog, keep up the good work and aw that


2:35 pm  

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