Tuesday, February 22, 2005

rock out

another day and the city has voted overwhelmingly against road tolls. I must say I am glad as it would have meant lots of dosh going out for me to get to work. I guess if there was more stuff in place I might have thought about a yes vote, but Edinburgh is a long way from paying £2.00 a dayan for the pleasure of crossing into the city to shop...I reckon I would have gone in by bus anyway, but folk from just outside the city who didnt have a say in the vote would be charged as well...anyway that is the top story here on the news. Music wise, I was 2 busy at work to listen to my MP3 player that I load up every few days. It's a 128mb that my sister won in a competition and having been a minidiscgrrl up to that moment I was converted on the spot. Sony is out of the game at the moment, seemingly they were worried about folk downloading music that belonged to them and missed out on the MP3 revolution....just shows that people power can occasionally speak louder than profit. I have just had a fab bottle of cremont from Alsace via Aldi....unbelievable and worth the trek to a local store...thanx again to fireoflove for info re posting and when I get a straight moment I will have a go,but for tonight its just a recommendation check out some of the other fab blogs...esp Bigrockcandymoutain and fireoflove.


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