Sunday, February 20, 2005

sunday bliss out

http:// check this out for a deeko at Michael J visog and how it has changed over the years...
thanx to fire of love for posting comments, yes I have moved..I had originally gone for Blueskies as the most open and all encompassing name I could come up with. Then thought wideblueskies and then hey it all got a bit heady so went back to original. Whew!!! still not clear how to post mp3's up on this site so if anyone out there can give me a quick explanation that would be fab.
Had a brief look at the newspapers, however the tabloids are all full of Charles and Camilla's fiasco at the Town Hall. Dearie me, the big question is of course ' WIll it last?'
Just read an article about Rufus Wainwright being the next big thing....I guess he has a lot to live up to, his Dad wrote a song about every move the family made... check him out here. It is the official website but has some interesting stuff on it.
There was no Sunday Times at the local papershop, well there was but the whole front section has gone AWOL so didnt reckon it would help me with what was the main stories. Went for an Observer instead and I must say it had me possibly coming back for more next week. Had to go to IKEA this morning to return a warped door. Glad to see just a few punters with wonky lamps and no hoards ready to stab you for a futon...that was well crazy...Edmonton in England ???
Listened again to the new Rhonda Vincent live album..superb it's still on the listening post at CMT


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

The easy way is to go to Fill in your email adress. Upload the file you want to share( This coud take a minute or two). After the file is uploaded you get a link to the file. Use this link in your blog. Good luck !!!

7:25 am  
Blogger bigrockcandymountain said...

howdy and thanks for the kind words left on the bigrock. i agree with our pal, Fire 'o' love, yousendits work really well, if yr just starting out...i used it for about six months before my files started to expire too fast. good luck, and i'm gonna add you to my links if'n that's allright.

2:46 pm  

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