Saturday, February 19, 2005

saturday it is!!!!

thanks to the bad daughter for her comments re Gillian Welch...thats the thing about this blog thingy, you assume that nobody is actually checking out this thing but it aint true!!! Yes, a lot of the country music seems to have originated with the Scots and Irish who settled in Appalachia and then integrated it into the melting pot. In fact Elvis has relatives in Scotland and there is a bar at Prestwick Airport in Scotland named after him. He only stepped on the tarmac for a short time whilst enroute to Germany. This was his only time in the UK. Today have been listening to Rhonda Vincents new album the live one and it is pretty check it out. I'ts on CMT at the moment...the whole album and if you have a mini disc you can load the whole thing onto a disc and the quality is 128 so its ok. I have quite a stash of stuff from this source. You can get 5 whole albums on one mini disc so this isfantastic....I am now off to don on my techie hat and try out this you send me amd see if I can get a track loaded up onto the net. I am giving Martyn Bennett another go. I got his album for my birthday and wasnt sure about it. However, he died recently, so am going back to it and will probably here it in a new light. Another fab thing to do is watch the Nitty Gritty Dirt Bands DVD it is out of this world. I love it and have watched it more than a few times. Anyway better scoot along and get down to the task in back soon.


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

we are all watching over you, take care.

8:14 am  
Blogger Fire of lovE said...

I see that you moved lately ??

8:16 am  
Blogger Greg said...

Greetings from Washington, DC, USA! Big Rock just pointed me you your blog. I read your remarks about american country & folk and you are spot on (I think that's how y'all say it!). Many of the songs themselves are the same. Check out or (to name just a couple) and see for yourself. Anyway, I'll be visiting often and I'll link to you from my blog. --Enchilada

3:32 pm  

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