Sunday, February 13, 2005

wow it*****tastic. I am amazed how easy this is and no need to learn html or any of that webby stuff, xcellent. I always thought that one day you could just press a few buttons and a post would appear and it seems indeed that day has arrived.
I have hardly read any books for ages as I tend to surf surf surf even in the sheets after lights are supposed to be out. I did a BBC quiz , are you addicted to the internet, and I'm afraid I almost came out as a BIG YES. so what I wonder, anyway I had a 4 year obsession with WW2 and all the angles and corners so this is no surprise really. Tonight Helen Mirran has just appeared on the telly looking rather swish...must be some Award cermony..she was fab in Calendar Girls...catch it if you can...I saw it in the cinema. A rare thing for me as I always get the guy with the B.O.. and the Cowboy hat in front, or its the guy who rocks and counts matches out of his pocket.This happened for real when I saw REM at Murrayfield in Edinburgh...a total freekin nightmare. That was the worst gig I have ever been at. The guys must have had no toys for Xmas and were in a BAD place. No stage props, no big screen and worst of all no stage clobber . All very boring. This from my fav band of the time. I can tell you I couldnt listen to anything by them for a whole year. I prefer small venues and saw a fab gig by the Indigo Girls at King Tuts Glasgow with Gail Anne Dorsey on Bass. This was to a few hundred fans and was the best way to see a band. Richard Gere has just been hauled up onto the stage and has said its his wife's birthday today...who she? the Aviator looks like it might get a few gongs....Leonardo is back ...I must make an effort to see this....will close now and head off to see about those MP3s and how it all works, Keep it country.


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