Friday, February 18, 2005

friday friday friday

aaaaaaah friday night thank the lord...although it waan't a bad week work wise at all. Has a night with a coal fire and a bottle of rather fabby vino, a roasting tray of veggies and a listen to Brian Burnette on radio scotland with the brand new opry. Kevin Montgomery was his guest playing a couple of awesome tracks and finishing with a pre recorded version of Tenessee Girl...dancing round the kitchen and singing along. How anyone can say they dont relate to this kinda music is well beyond human knowhow.
I plan to spend some time sussing out this mp3 deal thing and seeing if I can attach one of the little buggers to my blog. It is supposed to be fairly feel even I should manage it.Thanx again to guanoboy for his input.
I was down at the beach today in North Berwick and thought how great it looked, just a big sucker for a view.
I see there is some real crap out there in some food that has to be recalled.It sounds pretty wild...pizzas and plastics seem to share the same dye....going to check out the michael J story and then probably go to bed. It is now past 11.00 here in bonnie scotland and a grrl has to have a few hours to regenerate.
Fave listen of the day has to be Ray LaMontagne Jolene


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