Sunday, February 13, 2005

well its getting late and work beckons tomorrow....booh..why is it that the weekend always speeds up and especially when there is dishes to do. Sitting here ready to collect the dishes and mosey thru to the kitchen. Listening to the Ramones tonight faaaaaaaab. Know they are not even remotely country but some things are sacroscant is that the right spelling ? it doesnt look right...anyway have a good week y'all. I'm off to the Scottish Parliament sometime this week and will see if all the mad expenses has been worth it...not convinced...


Blogger guanoboy said...

Hey there,

Saw your post on my's not too hard to post songs for eval purpose. You just need a place to serve them from. Some mp3bloggers use a service, like, to share the files. It's a great way to sort of start out and get your feet wet without incurring any monthly expense. Once you get some regular readers and want to spend a little bit of money, you just need to find a place to host your files and put a link to them in your posts. Let me know if I can help out anymore.

Good luck!


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