Sunday, February 13, 2005

toby keith greatest hits 2

just ordered Toby Keith from a fab site for fast delivery and free postage on all your fave cd's. The price in the shops is well out of order and I have used this site many times....paid £8.99 all in. I like his version of Mockingbird with his daughter on this, better than the Carole King and James Taylor one of old. I know his politics can be a bit shoot em up but hey, the devil often has the best tunes.
Have found a fab site with lots of goodies
well worth a trawl. Listening to heap of slowcore country and americana.
Today is a day for staying by the fire and looking out at the snow..yes there was sleet on the ground this morning.Almost time for a cup of coffee and a read of UNCUT the mag of the century..find it at loads of reviews and in depth articles and a FREE CD!!!! what more could a grrl ask for?


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