Thursday, February 17, 2005


I was interested in how you add an mp3 track to your blog, so I had a peruse of the various sites out there and struck upon a funky one called and I enquired about said task. I got a great reply so thank you to guanoboy for the info and will give it a go this weekend when I have more time.
As the painters have almost finished decided to leave the paint fumes and having to watch your jeans everytime you go near a door facing. Went for a fab meal to a place just round the corner called The Compass in Leith opposite the police station. Had rabbit with french fries well done so they were delightfully crispy yeeeeha.
just turned on the telly and seen Faith Hill on Top of the Pops. Is this a good thing???? Has she gone total crossover .....maybe its just inevitable as chet atkins said 'the Nashville sound simply meant cash'. Maybe this is the lates incarnation. Anyway enough blogging for one day I'm off to check out for any tracks that I can download for evaluation purposes only . Plan to have an MP3 addition soon. Will also check out the Michael J situation and see if the guy has come out of hospital or what.


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