Wednesday, February 16, 2005

it's wednesday nearly the weekend

well the Brits came and went...shocking that Robbie W got best artist of the last 25 years..what next...anyway I guess it's all just fluff at the end of the day. Music that has been gracing my ears has been RAy LaMontagne this guy is out of this world and well worth a checkeroo. I have just read the evening paper and it seems that Michael Jackson has the flu and is in hospital...I wonder if this trial will ever get going..I must say I stopped listening to his stuff after Billie Jean and the campery of Thriller..I used to love dancing to that album in the discos in the 80's. At the time it was way ahead...then I discovered bluegrass and country and my road went to the ranch instead. Having a relaxing night in ..our renovations are nearly finnished and will get our place back soon. Tonight a quick visit to the supermarket, pasta and a salad and hope that bed doesnt come too soon as I have a big day at work tomorrow...try to be sensible and get to the sheets before 12.00.
Fave album of the moment...Gillian Welch Time the to think she went to Crossroads..and not some tar covered shack in the mountains..Saw her in Edinburgh at the Queens Hall Outstanding gig with a fab audience that seemed to know all the words but thankfully keep them to themselves. Often its a bit karaoke, annoying if you've spent the dosh out to hear an artist not a wannabe.
Off to do the dishes and sign off


Blogger the bad daughter said...

Saw Gillian Welch in Birmingham, Alabama, last March. The venue was this bar with two floors of tables, then an open floor. We crowded onto the floor because all the tables were taken before the doors opened (?!), and were crushed up against the stage. My husband helped me up on the stage, and we sat on the stage about six feet from Gillian. Man! She is awesome! And David Rawlings was coaxing the most beautiful, painful, sensual, driving sounds from his guitar...

I'm told that bluegrass is really close in musical style to traditional music originating in your neck of the woods, so to speak. Surely you've seen O Brother Where Art Thou?

12:30 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

had a look at your profile....sounds really interesting job wise and like your choice of music too!!!
I think that the combo of Gillian and David is indeed awesome...out of this planet. Check out the new Rhonda Vincent album on the listening post at CMT if you like a bit of bluegrass and fiesty females.

9:45 pm  

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