Tuesday, January 17, 2006

plastic fantasy marriage

What a country, what a world. I have just read that soaring numbers of young people are turning to plastic surgery as a quick route to happiness. Breast enlargement was the most popular, with men opting for a nose job. So to cheer myself up I looked for an artist that has integrity and charisma and has not had as far as I can tell a chin tuck, eye lift and bum expansion.
One of the greatest singers EVER. She had one hell of a hard life...no competition Mr Babyshambles !!!Check out her story here

Edith Piaf Enfant le Printemps mp3

I love the deep throatiness of her voice and the way she can draw me in even though my French is of the school girl variety.

I have just spotted that Eminem has remarried Kim, the woman he married more than four years ago. He fantasised about the 'bitch's' death on his 2000 hit Kim....I don't know if I could trust him myself..anyhow he may have mellowed somewhere along the road. You will be more than glad I am NOT going to post one of his tracks. Instead I will thrill you with this fab track from Ike and Tina. Their marriage sounded like hell with Tina eventually escaping with only 36 cents and a gas station credit card. The rest is history, but here they are whilst still we presume talking.

Ike and Tina Turner Cussin Cryin and Carrying On mp3


Blogger Rhinoplasty Los Angeles said...

Approximately how much does it cost to have a nosejob? I know that price will vary but I had my nose broken and need bridge work. Any ideas? Guestimate? Range?

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