Wednesday, September 14, 2005

vibrate that trailer honey

Whilst journeying across the vast space of the internet I came upon a great site called simply fired.Some of the stories are really funny. A young man whose college job was delivering furniture for a major retailer lost it for this surreal reason. Once he and his colleague had to replace the old furniture and suddenly found the adult toys. They ended up sword fighting with two large vibrators. In the middle of the battle the client and her husband walked in and caught them fighting. They called their manager at once and the two “fighters” were terminated from their jobs. It is worth a look and you can post up any stories of your own.
In celebration here is a fab piece of action with jack daniels and yes jesus and a vibrator. Nobody does it quite like the Donna Honeys.
Jesus, Jack Daniels and a vibrator Donna Kay Honey and the Cowpokers mp3


Blogger IanB said...

Bet they were playing light sabres a la Star Wars ... sound effects an everything !!

2:36 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

i would have loved to have seen the 'fight' these vibrators must have been a fair length!!!!

12:33 pm  

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