Wednesday, September 26, 2007

scotty cermony

Been driving to work and enjoying that little 2 gig mp3 that I bought in my local Aldi a couple of months ago. I almost bought the megaboy 80gig ipod, but something stopped me. Was it the stories of dead ipods ...or was it not really wanting to go there and feel part of the apple family....oh i don't know...anyway here i am with a £30 tevion and i am well pleased. I have put on lots of chanson , hip hop and cannae whack it!!

Been roaming on google video ...and been watching everything from conspiracy theories around 9/11 to the opening ceremony for the 1936 Olympics. I watched Chariots of Fire for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Eric Liddell was one monumental guy.....there is an Eric Liddell Centre here in Edinburgh in his memory. I was checking him out on wikepedia and learnt about a scotty dog that i never knew about.

I am off now to wash up the tea dishes so here is a fab track to break a few bubbles to. His birthday was just a few days ago on the 23rd of September.He has sold over 250 million records..Wow!!!! He has also performed in approx over 5,000 concerts and recorded in over 14 different languages.....what else can he do??? well he was a goal keeper for the junior Real Madrid football team.....


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