Thursday, July 12, 2007

joy candy glow

I was sorry to hear the news about Tony Wilson when he was diagnosed with cancer which was a mind f**£k in itself but this latest story about having to find the cash for the drugs to give you a fighting chance is pretty surreal.It is a real postcode lottery here as to who gets the drugs and who doesn't. He seems pretty upbeat, but boy a bit of a shock all round that some people get the drugs they need and others have to buy them themselves. He was a big influence for me as the guy behind Joy Division and of course the Madchester scene with the Happy Mondays.Sometimes it makes you want to go out on the street and shout out about the unfairness of life.

I have been enjoying loads of videos on Google video over the last few weeks and have been neglecting this blog. I guess it takes a real commitment to keep posting, and i have to hand it to those that post every day..big hand claps for aquarium drunkard, big rock candy mountain and old blue bus....

here is a track that has been wrapping it's self around my eardrums over the past few weeks.I love this band and always get a warm fuzzy glow when they jump out of the earphones.


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