Tuesday, July 24, 2007

dollar potter poncho

Well I ain't a Harry Potter fan but I enjoyed the films. This latest one seems to be flying off the shelves in it's millions. I prefer my reading material a bit more real and am enjoying a fine read by Jack Webster, a journalist from the North East of Scotland, Maud to be precise who has written about his life in a book called 'a grain of truth'. He was born in the 1930's and met a host of celebrities but never forgot his roots.

music wise this week I have been having my mp3 on random and watching some fantastic stuff on Google video. check out the Edith Piaf clips. she is so fantastic.

I got a couple of westerns at the weekend. Geronimo and A fistful of dollars. Here is a bit of tumbleweed to get you in the mood to check out a poncho and cowboy boots.


Blogger Greg said...

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8:21 pm  
Blogger Greg said...

Speaking of fine Scottish writers (and real things) did I ever ask/tell you about a wonderful book called "Lone Star Swing" by Duncan Maclean? It's in print and available from Amazon & other fine book dealers. Love the illustration to this post, too, y'all!

8:22 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hi enchilada!!
good to get your post..I have been remiss about getting the posts up but hope to be visiting a bit more. Yes, you did mention the book by Duncan Maclean and I do have it and loved it. If you want a real good read about how the scottish legacy read arthur herman's book called 'the scottish enlightenment' a wonderful read. did you know that the american grid street system was based on the new town in edinburgh?
the illustration was one i found on the net, i hope the owner is ok with me using it. it is a great pic and well worth sharing with the world.

10:56 pm  

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