Thursday, June 22, 2006

tube countrry

I have been quite remiss re this blog....I guess that I have been having a whirl of a social life and the sunny weather has really eaten into 'blogtime'. Thanks to everyone who is still checking in. I have been getting into and finding such fantastic gems as Michele Sardou giving it laldy on french telly. I used to search for all this stuff in jumble sales and charity shops. Of course never finding much beyond a westlife video and occasionally a battered copy of oasis live. I have not been listening to so much countrry at the moment. In fact I had Japan on my MP3 today and jolly good it was too!
Here is something a bit different folks...a band that sets my feet a freakin around and my vocal chords buzzin....
Primal Scream Country Girl Mp3
Here is a band profile worth a deek. I always have liked these guys and hope you do too!!


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