Saturday, June 16, 2007

planet crow

Here is a shot of Budapest, seems weird to think I was only there a few days ago, now it is back to the shopping malls of the Athens of the North.
Been out shopping today and Fopp had a great DVD sale on. I got a couple of films I have been after for a while. "The Dirty Dozen"and "Bridge at Remagen" I am a sucker for these old films with lots of attitude and great stage sets. "Bridge on the River Kwai" is one of my favourites..absolutely. I was also on youtube and as anyone who checked out the blog the other day will have seen our homegrown numpty clip of our ex first minister. Frightening the woodenness and complete stonewalling he showed in that interview. Watched a bit of The King on DVD when I was chomping on my tattie scones and double eggs at tea time. Elvis was indeed the most sexy human on the planet and it is great to see him with the sound cranked up and a couple of beers.

here is a track that is worth an ear tickle.

Ever wondered how they got their name?? well Wikepedia has it right here

"Well I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow / Casting shadows on the winter sky as you sat there, counting crows / One for sorrow, two for joy / Three for girls and four for boys / Five for silver, six for gold / Seven for a secret never to be told."


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