Friday, February 23, 2007

american dark

Watching American idol right now..glad that Simon cowell is on board, keeps it real. He has just said that a contestant sounds 'like a theme park performer'. Some people have tried 5 times to get to this stage the Hollywood bit, incredible, a bit like sly stone who kept punting his stuff at Hollywood and eventually made it.However it hasnt anything on this kind of stuff.... I seem to be listening to lots of klezmer music although I passed on the klezmatics...I prefer my klezmer darker, more eastern European....I am off to Budapest in April and hope to catch some local music and who knows it may even be that fantastic mix of sweet and sorrow.

here is a great track that i have been listening to , even on the way to the dentist this morning when the sun was shining and i was striding along through the park. This was just enjoy this magic.


Blogger Searching For a Meaning said...

Missed the track - sadly - luved the blog though!!

Simon has that Grrrrrr factor.

Keep blogging - luv it.

4:09 pm  

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