Wednesday, December 27, 2006

james wing

making my way through the west wing at the moment. Into the 4th series in as many days..this is the only way to watch this kind of thing, otherwise life gets in the way. The holidays have been fantastic so far, lots of chill out time and a chance to check out some great reading material for next year. Sad to hear about James Brown, I remember being 16 or so and getting hold of his 'living in America' 45rpm and playing it at a girrls get together. I am afraid I was the only one rockin out to it, David Cassidy and Michael Jackson seemed the order of the day. Aah well can't always run with the crowd. Hope he can do a few fancy moves up there and teach those angels some funky moves. Salute you Mr B.

Here is a great track from Dale Watson enjoy!!


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