Saturday, June 02, 2007

leith lamb cruz

The opening night of the Leith Festival was indeed fantastic, I enjoyed the readings and have to hand it to the organisers for keeping this the real deal. I had some pals over from out of town for the event and I was proud to be a Leither what with the great ambiance in the streets and the Cruz ship looking pretty cool. Yup this is the place to be if you want to live in Edinburgh. The gig last night was in Lambs House where Mary Queen of Scots kipped for a night... one of the many outstanding buildings in this area. It is looking a bit dilapidated on the outside, all around work is happening on tarting up the properties around it but it stands very forlorn....needs some major TLC..

Here is a track that has been tickling my earbuds today as I walked home from the town down Elm Row...The Del McCoury Band giving it laldy!!


Blogger Greg said...

Hi back & thanks for the comment on Walt! IOU an e-mail with busy, but I haven't forgotten.

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